Lyn New Year

Hi, my name is Lynette Creswell and first of all I would like to thank you for visiting one of my websites. Please note I use www.Lynetteecreswell.worpress.com for all my blogging and most up-to-date pages. I have been writing for many years and ‘Sinners of Magic’ is the first book of ‘The Magic Trilogy’. For me, writing is like breathing fresh air, I cannot live without it and I hope my love for writing shows in my work. This first book tells the amazing story of a young girl who has a sneaking suspicion that she’s not quite like other girls her age but has no idea that she is actually a magical being with powers that will one day be vast. Unbeknown to her, Crystal has immortal parents who live in a parallel world to ours. On the very day of her birth the High Order of the Elders punish both her mother and father by banishing Crystal to live amongst the plain folk. Find out why they made such a shocking decision and what devastating consequences followed. Read Crystal’s amazing story which leads you into a magical world filled with intrigue, mystery and ultimate betrayal …

sinners-of-magic-ereaderSinners of Magic

betrayers-of-magicBetrayers of Magic

defenders-of-magicDefenders of Magic

Enjoy a story like no other which will lead you into a world of fantasy where magic rules and an evil mage will do everything in his power to stop a young girl from fulfilling her destiny …Reader says about Lynette Creswell, Author “… When I read her books I felt I was living each and every moment …”


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