Guest Author Interview – Lynette Creswell

Thank you Shelly for such a great interview.

Shelley Wilson Author

Today I am joined by my twin soul Lynette Creswell.  We have so much in common we could write a book about it!  Fortunately Lynette is far too busy with her young adult series and latest release to concern herself with my claims on her soul!  Over to Lynette.

Lynette Cresswell

The Fun Five:

1.  What part of the world do you come from?

Originally I was born in London but I was raised in Burnley, Lancashire. Now I live just outside Grimsby so I literally moved across the country from the west coast to the east.

2.  What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an air hostess! However, that was until I found out you didn’t get a two week break every time you boarded a plane. Then to add insult to injury I learned I needed to be able to speak several languages…

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Fast Shows: Thoughts on Being a TV Scriptwriter

I found this very interesting about the world of scriptwriting.

Never Knowingly Underwhelmed

Golden-syrup-2Working in TV can be like striding through treacle. Specifically, writing for TV. So why do we do it? Specifically, why do I do it?

At the end of February last year, I hosted what we in the hosting trade haughtily call a “corporate”. It was an in-house event for the Shine Group, Elisabeth Murdoch’s production company, which has acquired a number of other production companies in the UK, including Kudos, Dragonfly and Princess, and operates Shine satellites “out of” France, Spain, Germany, Australia and the States. (They approached me after seeing me host a screening and Q&A at the Edinburgh TV Festival for the thriller Hunted where a miscalculation meant that I didn’t get a chair and had to host it standing up. One job leads to another.)

The Shine gig proved an exhilarating day; smoothly run at their end, and with a good, attentive audience of media buyers…

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